Natural loofa versus shower poufs

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You’ve most likely heard the words “loofa” and “pouf” used interchangeably when referring to an exfoliating sponge used in the shower. Actually, these two are very different products, and depending on your beauty goals, they offer different benefits.

Natural loofas come from the fibrous, cucumber-like fruit of the Luffa Aegyptiaca. When dried, it becomes a textured sponge that’s perfect for the shower, since it provides great exfoliation.

Poufs, on the other hand, are made of netted synthetic materials such as plastic. Poufs also provide exfoliation, but they are softer and more gentle than loofas. They are also available in multiple colors, as opposed to the natural hue of the loofa.

Since loofas come from a plant, it accommodates a green, sustainable lifestyle. Poufs are made of synthetic materials and are not considered completely green.

If your beauty routine requires deep exfoliation, an all natural loofa is the right choice for you. Try one of Cleo’s loofas today!

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