Cleo's top 5 reasons for using natural loofa

1. Wash your stress away: Cleanse and scrub your way to relaxation. Take an exfoliating bath with one of Cleo's all natural loofas.

2. Exfoliate naturally: There's no better way to bathe luxuriously. Cleo's 100% natural loofa sponge is the ideal way to cleanse, buff and polish your skin.

3. Cleo's loofas are all natural and biodegradable: Are you still using synthetic shower poufs made with plastic? Try Cleo's all natural loofa sponges for better exfoliation and clean feeling.

4. Pamper yourself: Cleo's all natural loofas are fibrous and exfoliating. What a perfect way to cleanse and pamper your skin!

5. Egyptian loofa is better quality: Cleo's 100% natural Egyptian loofa is soft and spongy. Chinese loofas are hard and abrasive.

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