Beyond the bath – use your natural loofa in more ways!

While the natural loofa sponge is commonly used as a luxurious bath item, it can be very versatile. This amazing sponge can be used in the kitchen, as scrubbers, as starter logs, and in art projects!

The durable fibers of the loofa sponge can be great for scrubbing pots and pans. Since the fibers are soft, they can gently scrub grease without damage or scratches. Simply cover the loofa with baking soda and dish soap (orange essential oil optional) and watch how well it cuts grease! Be sure to rinse the loofa thoroughly before using it again, and hang it to dry.

Cut a whole loofa into small pieces and store some in the garage! You’ll be surprised at how many different things you can scrub with them. Dip the loofa in gasoline to clean car parts and tools. You can even mix them with Espom salt and sugar and sprinkle them onto an icy driveway. The fibers will help create traction while the salt and sugar work to melt the ice away.

You can also use all natural loofa gourds as starter logs. Apply hairspray onto the fibers to accelerate a flame.

Last but not least, dip loofa sponge into paint and dab onto newspaper, construction paper, or a canvas! It makes a perfect alternative to regular sponges, as the fibers of the loofa will create stringy and curvy patterns that kids will love!

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