Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a loofa?
A. Loofa (also known as loofah, luffa, luffah, loufa, sponge gourd, dishcloth gourd, or sponge cucumber) is an Egyptian plant from the cucumber family. When loofa is fully ripened, it is dried out on the vine, and as the flesh disappears, it reveals a fibrous sponge that is used as a body scrub.

Q. What are the benefits of using a natural loofa?
A. Unlike other shower sponges or shower poufs, loofa sponges are 100% natural, organic and eco-friendly. The fibrous texture works great for exfoliating your skin to reveal a soft, radiant glow. It is ideal for removing dry skin cells and increasing circulation. You can feel the difference right away!

Q. How can I use my natural loofa?
A. Unwrap the loofa from its packaging. You can either cut the loofa into different shapes and sizes, or leave it whole as a great way to scrub your back! Simply submerge the loofa in warm water and watch it expand! As the loofa becomes soft and fluffy, you may notice some seeds. While the loofa is under water, shake the loofa and watch the seeds float away! Your loofa is ready to be used – just remember to hang dry the loofa after each use and replace as necessary.

Q. Why are there seeds in the loofa?
A. You may notice seeds in your loofa, and that's because loofas come from a natural plant! As you soak your loofa in warm water, shake the loofa under water as it becomes fluffy and soft. The harder to reach seeds could be taken out using your fingers.

Q. What are loofas used for?
A. Loofas are primarily used as a bath sponge. Simply rinse and lather with your favorite soap! Loofas can also be used in the kitchen as a gentle way to remove grease from pots and pans, as well as in art projects – just dab the loofa in paint and create a fun masterpiece.

Q. Why is my loofa changing color?
A. Since loofa is a natural product, discoloration is common. They tend to darken over time, as well as absorb color from the dyes found in the soap or body wash you use. 

Q. How often should I replace my loofa?
A. To prevent bacteria build-up, it is recommended to replace loofas every 6-8 weeks.